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As your trusted partner, our experienced project managers are ready to assist with your next capital renovation or insurance claim project. We help establish the right scope for your project from the start to streamline efficiencies, improve communications with homeowners, reduce costs, and help you achieve optimum value with as little disruption as possible, so your residents stay satisfied.

Pre-project Preparation, Inspections, and Assessment

Capital improvements to any property are a big undertaking. Careful planning is crucial to obtain the appropriate vendors, jobsite requirements, specifications, and contractor qualifications. Omega’s expert project managers are on hand to perform pre-project preparation and inspections that help define the scope of the work right from the start. That means no unpleasant surprises like additional costs or delays later in the process.  

Insurance Claims Reporting

Dealing with insurance companies is never easy, especially for serious property damage. Omega’s experienced managers will submit the claim on your behalf, dealing directly with the adjuster, and assess the insurance deductible per the direction of the Board.

Contractor Vetting and Management

The right contractor or vendor is essential to ensure the success of your capital renovation or insurance claim project. Omega implements a rigorous vetting and management process to carefully screen potential contractors or vendors. We look at safety protocols, jobsite sanitation provisions, licensure, and payment processes to determine the best fit for your capital renovation.

Bid Request Management

Take the guesswork out of bid requests. Omega manages every aspect of the bidding process and carefully analyzes qualifying contractors and other vendors to make sure they align with your community’s goals, budget, and timeline.

Contract Preparation

Omega’s management experts will prepare and negotiate contracts for capital improvement projects or insurance claims on behalf of the Board. We ensure the contract is an accurate representation of the work specifications and includes the necessary resources, time, equipment, materials, and staff to complete the project successfully.

Trusted Advisors

Your Omega project manager is a trusted advisor for every aspect of your capital project or insurance claim.  We work side by side with engineers, industry advisors, and chosen vendors for improved coordination, streamlined communication, and timeliness so you receive the best value for the work provided. We’re "boots on the ground" and take a hands-on approach to project management, so you have confidence your project is done right the first time.


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