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A Proven Process for Building Thriving and Robust Homeowner Associations

At Omega Property Management, our passion is helping communities realize their full potential by adopting the philosophy of lead, manage, serve. We provide innovative, long-term solutions to help build strong, financially secure organizations. We take a team approach to association management, offering dedicated, 24/7 customer service, and cutting-edge technology to ensure we meet the growing needs of your community. Our experienced property managers function as trusted advisors, not order takers. We work with you to develop an efficient, cost-effective service plan to meet your long-term goals while streamlining efficiencies and increasing resident satisfaction.

We understand many property management companies provide similar services. That’s why we go above and beyond the standard by offering total accountability from day one with our proven process.


Discover the Omega Difference:

  1. Getting Stuff Done (GSD) 
    When managing an HOA community, the bare minimum is just not enough. Our core values revolve around GSD or Getting Stuff Done. Through a unique team structure and a full suite of leading-edge planning tools including our Annual Planning Calendar and Vantaca Enterprise Software, we offer total accountability and transparency to your Board, so you have peace of mind your community’s interests are our top priority. You should not have to “manage the manager," allowing you to focus on the important, high-level issues facing your HOA community while we are taking care of the details. 
  2. HOA Checkup
    A smooth onboarding process is crucial to ensure your community thrives now and in the future. Our onboarding process begins with our Transition Specialist who is responsible for ensuring your onboarding success, including a Board Transition Workshop to identify your key priorities so we hit the ground running from day one. We follow that up with our HOA Checkup – our first-year process of reviewing your existing contracts, policies, procedures, and governing documents to ensure you are following your documents, and Federal, state and local laws, and best practices within the industry.
  3. Foundational Tools
    We provide HOAs with essential tools including the aforementioned Annual Planning Calendar, as well as items outlining the Budget Process and your HOA's Financial Snapshot. We understand no two HOA communities are alike. That’s why we offer customized, long-term solutions that help develop robust, financially stable associations. 

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