Start Your Wintertime Planning Now

Posted by Omega Property Management | Nov 19, 2020

Although fall has begun, there is no time like the present to begin your wintertime planning for the wild weather in Minnesota. As you know, the elements can be mild one minute and turn into a raging blizzard with eight inches of snow the next.

With those unpredictable weather conditions, HOAs face numerous challenges, so it is essential that we meet with contractors on site by mid-November to review the contract requirements and any unique issues present at a community. Sitting down together can ensure that the Board’s expectations and contractors’ expectations match prior to a large snow event.

Another critical step we take in preparing for winter is to include with the November billing statement a “Snow Summary” for each community explaining the contracted snow removal services. The Snow Summary explains the contract requirements and deadlines for the contractor to shovel, plow, or complete open-ups so homeowners know what to expect. It also outlines whether the contractor sands or salts during ice events and what items the grounds contractor does not do, such as shoveling under vehicles. Each Association also provides their own tips and FAQs about winter so everyone can relax and know what’s going on.

While we can’t plan for everything that can happen during winter, taking these steps early makes it easier to get through this harsh season.

If you have questions or want to learn more about how to start your wintertime planning, Omega Property Management can help. Contact us today.